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Ali Shield is a 24 year old Australian Sunny Coast native with a passion for poetry that started at the tender age of 9. She turned her love for words into a love for songs, which then brought her to her first performance at a local festival on the back of a flatbed truck with her brother at the age of 15. Whilst the performance was anxiety-inducing, she has since learned to channel those nerves. She began cutting her teeth performing locally and eventually ended up at Australia's biggest country music festival at Tamworth. After being accepted into the Academy of Country Music, she graduated in January of 2019 and began traveling the world with her mother in a Thelma-and-Louise-esque adventure series. After getting lost in the Rocky Mountains and bogged in the desert at Joshua Tree, they finally landed in Nashville, Tennessee. Where she teamed up with Australian producer and manager Nash Chambers, and they have since been writing and recording for her latest single 'Butterflies'. 

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